Soul Painting

A painting as a guide

 I started to play and explore the invisible with oracles cards when i was a teenager. Since then, i still like to ask for some guidance to cards, yi-qing or runes. I like to decipher their symbols and to sharpen my intuition.
So now i offer to make for you a very personal painting, a Soul Painting, based on different oracles that i'll draw for you. In my mind will be only one open question "What is your path of Light for this life ?". Intuition, playfulness and joy are my guides to create a painting that will inspire you, i hope, for a long time.

It's a gift that you can make for yourself or a beloved one. You will receive a painting with a minimum size of 18 cm and a maximum size of 25 cm, and it could be square or rectangular. I can't be more precise because this is all being decided on the spot when i start building the global picture ! I paint on a grey cardboard which is hard and smooth and easy to send by Post.
To create your Soul Painting, i'll need a picture of you and your date of birth.


Price : 250€


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