Beyond Quantum Healing

For personal reasons, I've pause the BQH sessions. Let's meet again at the end of May 24!

What is BQH Hypnosis?

"Beyond Quantum Healing" is a quantum hypnosis modality created by Candace Craw-Goldman, who was a student and the personal assistant of Dolores Cannon for many years. Dolores Cannon herself was a pioneer into past live regressive hypnosis (QHHT).

So BQH is a spiritual and regressive hypnosis, it means that you're going to travel back to some former lives, some "past lives". You will also connect with your inner wisdom and inner healer also called Higher Self or Universal Wisdom, among others. Likewise, you can find some answers to your questions through different connections: 

- spiritual/metaphysical (finding what's your mission about, who are your guides...),

- paranormal (strange memories or dreams, recurrent dreams...),

- health,

- relationship (family, friend, partner, animals...),

- emotional,

- professional

and much more!

Spiritual hypnosis is just a deep relaxed state of mind, so you're absolutely aware of what's going on at all time. 

In this state of light transe your mind and body experience a deep sense of well-being that helps you connect to your creative and intuitive part, shutting down the loud voice of our conceptual mind. Likewise you can explore your consciousness in a kind of day-dreaming state.


I can facilitate Bqh sessions at my office or online, and will be by your side to guide you in this inner journey.

How does a BQH session goes?

We need between 3.30 and 5 hours for a session. Usually one session is enough.

During the first hour, we will discuss to know each other better and I will conduct a short interview to understand your needs. We will then review together any questions you may have.

The second hour is the start of the hypnosis session. The "journey" lasts usually around 2 hours and contains two parts: in the first one you'll explore some scenes from one or several past lives. Then during the second part we will ask your Higher Self or some of your inner guides to explain the meaning of what you have seen during the session, including some guidance to answer your questions. Usually there's a healing process happening at the same time on an energetic level.

At the end, we will spend another hour together to debrief about what you have experienced during the session.


Each session is recorded and I will provide you with a link to an mp3 file you can download. It's always good to listen to your session again later to integrate all the informations unveiled during the process.

And how does it work online ?

The session is done via Zoom (a free software easily downloadable).

You need to have a stable internet connection, a proper headphone set with a mic, and a quiet place where you can be alone.

The session then goes in the same manner as in-person session, the main difference being that you're at home in your own bed or your couch.


What's the difference between BQH and QHHT ?

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a technique created during the 70's by an american woman called Dolores Cannon. She traveled all around the world to teach her method, until 2014 when she passed. She also wrote up to twenty books to share her amazing discoveries about human consciousness and more. 

Later, her close student and assistant Candace Craw-Goldman  saw the need to "update" how the method was applied and thus created BQH.

This is the modality that I'm practicing and it allows us practitioners some new things, mainly to offer online sessions and to include and mix other modalities that we've learned during a session if we feel it's appropriate. The idea is to be really in touch with our intuition and our heart to take the best care of our client. This freedom gives each practitioner a special touch allowing you to find the right match :) 

Opening hours and fees

From Monday to Saturday, by appointment only.

150€ (cash, bank transfer or Paypal). 



 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)




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