Excerpt from « Jesus and the Essenes » by Dolores Cannon


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Here is an excerpt from « Jesus and the Essenes » by Dolores Cannon, p 249-250, from Ozark Mountain Publishing.


In this book, the subject regressed by Dolores enters a deep hypnotic trance and transmits us information via Suddi, an Essene from the community of Qumran, who will be one of the teachers of Jesus. In this excerpt, after witnessing the crucifixion, he speaks of the resurrection of Christ:


Suddi: It is Joseph’s [tomb]. He was having it prepared.

Dolores: Was it for himself?

S: No, it was for Yeshua.

D: He knew then that this would happen? Do you think Yeshua ever told him?

S: It was not need to be told, for they all knew.

D: What do they do with the body?

S: They anoint it with the oils, and incense is lit, and it is wrapped in linen and laid. And the stone is rolled over the doorway.

D: Was the tomb sealed?

S: Yes.


The tremendous emotion was now gone. It seemed the hardest part was to watch his beloved friend being hurt, humiliated and slain. Now the voice had returned to normal.


D: Does anything else happen?

S: During the next three days, it shall be as no more. For it is not needed. Then it shall be gone.

D: The body will be gone, you mean?

S: Yes... I know that there are ways of doing this, but I'm not familiar with the method.

D: What do you mean exactly? I thought you meant that the body was dead.

S: The body is dead, but since it is no longer needed, it is. There are ways of making it as if it had not been. I do not know the method. I cannot explain any better.

D: Oh? It is something you don't understand yourself?

S: It is known only to the masters.

D: You mean the body disappears, in other words?

S: Yes, it is made as if... It is made of the dust that it was and it is no more.

D: Do the masters on your side do this, or the masters on the earthly side?

S: It is the masters on my side. [from the essene community]

D: Why would they do this? Why would the body have to disappear?

S: Because it was foretold in the prophecies that he would rise upon the third day. And in order to rise, they must show that the place where he was laid is empty And he cannot be taken away by normal means. That the body cannot be... they (his friends) cannot get to it to do anything. Therefore it must be done from this side.

D: Yeshua did not do it himself? At the time that the body is more, where is he?

S: He is there with them, aiding them in doing this.

D: His forces with the forces of the other masters?

S: Yes, with the other masters.

D: It would be very complicated. You would have to be very advanced to do that.

S: It is done with the aid of the others also. I do not know this method. I'm not upon that level.

D: And they made the body just disappear. Would that be a good word? (I was trying to understand)

S: To be as no more, yes.

D: No more. Well, did Pilate or anyone take protection to make sure... (Interrupted)

S: Yes, there were guards out, because they knew of this prophecy. And they knew that others spoke of him as being the Messiah and therefore there were guards there.


This is something that apparently has been misinterpreted down through the ages. I think what they were trying to do was to show that even the physical body can be made to transcend time and space.


The tomb was sealed and guards placed so there was no chance of the body being stolen and taken away by normal means. It had to be shown that only abnormal, supernatural forces could have removed the body. This must be part of the lesson of the empty tomb, to prove that these higher forces do exist and that he was one of them.




Did you know that? Nowadays, this phenomenon of the body disappearing at the moment of death is known as the "rainbow body". This state of transference is usually realized by great Buddhist masters or yogis, and is a sign of very high spiritual realization. There are many accounts of this in Tibetan writings as well as recent accounts of this phenomenon. 


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Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon used to called herself a "researcher of the lost knowledge".

She started to use simple hypnosis with her husband in the sixties until one day a client went beyond the limits of her present life. After having to care about some family issues for some years, Dolores finally decided to come back to hypnosis and to explore more about "past lives". She slowly created her own technique, putting under thousand of volunteers.

Through these regressions she kept having the same kind of informations coming, regarding life and death, humankind, consciousness, other universes and dimensions, etc. She wrote many books to share these stunning and precious knowledge, and went all over the world to give lectures and teach her method. 

You can find many videos of her lectures and interviews on Youtube.

A message from Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon Channeled Message April 14, 2020.
By Candace Craw-Goldman :


Candace : -HI Dolores I really really miss you.

Dolorès : I don’t know why- I am right here. Nothing to miss.
-You know what I mean

Yes, and soon you will know what I mean.
-Well that was cryptic.

Not really, we’ve been talking about this for a very long time.
-Okay, I sense you have a message or two.

Yes, if you are finally ready to settle down and hear it
-Dolores things have been, well, a bit overwhelming.

Yes, and most of that is your own doing. But I understand. I overdid it myself. How do you think I got so many books written? (chuckle)
-I know.

Okay so I want to talk a little bit about what is happening and the “New Earth.” And I hesitate to even use those words, “The New Earth,” and do you know why?
-I can guess.

Many who will read these words will have images, thoughts
and ideas come to mind when they read these words. Some of them will have gotten these images thoughts or ideas from my own books and lectures! They have also gotten them from other teachers, sessions, books and other places, but there are some themes that remain consistent.
People think about a world without wars, disease or pollution or jobs for that matter. They think about a planet of brighter colors and joy and a world where wolves have lunch with the lambs and the lambs are not the lunch itself.
-That was pretty funny, Dolores.

Well I try. But you know what I mean when I say that, right?
-I do. It sounds a bit like Utopia, or Heaven.

Yes. People also think this Utopia or New World will come in an instant. A great big switch all of a sudden. One day you are in lockdown in your house and the next day you walk out your door to Utopia.
-I do know some people think it will happen like this. We’ve even been told about “The Flash” etc.

(Sighs Heavily) Yes. But I want to give you some perspective today that I think might help everyone if they would just listen.
-(me laughing) Ha ha Dolores. If you could say these things in your distinctive voice I am certain people really would listen.

Well- I am lending you “my voice” with these words, and that is the best we can do. So back to the subject at hand.
-I can already feel you getting ready to say that one particular word.

Indeed. I want to talk to all of you out there about your EXPECTATIONS. You all have them. One way or another you all have them. If you are human, you will have them at least a little bit. Now, some of you who have a more accurate understanding of what is really going on will have softer expectations , or ones that are more malleable anyway.
But some of you are like bulldogs and have bitten into a picture of a world that you want and you want it so badly, you will not let that picture go.
-Yes. I do see that. It has to do with belief systems and our desire for stability and comfort.

(Dolores Pauses for a bit here.)

Ok. So to help you understand just a couple of things I want you to imagine a much, much bigger perspective than you currently have as a human living in a more or less linear time situation. Maybe imagine yourself looking at the Earth from outer space, and outer time.
-Ha, did you just say outer time? Ha ha Dolores, I never heard that before.

Well it makes sense doesn’t it? And it saves some (using air quotes) “time” to say that phrase and you instantly understand it don’t you?
-I do. I am still laughing a bit. I can just hear you saying it with your voice.

Imagine you are in outer space and outer time. Just far apart from your world on this planet and in your human form.

Out here, when you are out of the physical and out of linear time the “switch” or move, or creation of “The New Earth” looks like it happens almost instantaneously, it happens so fast in the scheme of things, when you think about the eons of time that have passed already. But if you now zoom in to the physical and back into linear time, the perspective changes massively.

I want you to know, that there is NO question, whatsoever, that you are in the middle of “The Shift” and the grandest days of the “Great Awakening.” You are in it. Smack dab in the middle. And here is the important part. When you are in this part, it is going to be messy and it is going to be confusing. Everything is stirred up right now like a bucket of water with dirt that had been at the bottom. It is hard to see what is actually going on right now.
-That’s true. It is hard.

What I want you to think about is something I don’t think many people actually take into consideration.
-What’s that?

That if the switch was instantaneous – it would have a number of, shall we say, detrimental consequences.
-I think I know where you are going with this.

First of all, if you all did walk out of your door and everything was bright and clean and sparkly and the wolf and the lamb were having peanut butter sandwiches on your porch you would actually, with your human minds constructed the way they are, not be able to accept it or handle it, at all. Even if it was the Utopia you have always dreamed about. If you walked out of your house to that Utopia nearly all of you would suffer a mental breakdown. That kind of shock and change for humans is untenable. You often think about shocking events as “bad things.” Well, if you walked out into Utopia, you would have just as much of a shock, I can tell you that.
-I’m not sure many people think about it that way.

I know. There’s something else to understand, and that is your growth as a human species. You might THINK you want a light switch moment and have everything hunky dory, but even if you WERE able to survive the shock of it, you would not gain the clarity or the wisdom that you would gain by understanding and seeing more slowly. And that understanding and clarity would help you sustain that new more Utopic world….(Candace why are you laughing?)
-OMG Dolores, you know why I am chuckling, I haven’t heard anyone say “hunky dory” in a very long time. I bet some people in London or France or the rest of the world aren’t even gonna know what “hunky dory” means.

“Hunky dory” means “really wonderful.” Okay now that we’ve cleared that up… let me get back to my point.
You are in the messy part of this important part of history. You think you don’t want it to be messy, but this is the important part. The messy part. This is the part where the greatest growth will happen, the is the part where the greatest stories of all of time of your planet will be told. You are in the thick of it. Right. Now. And you are in charge of your own story right now!

Who are you going to allow to write your story! Are you going to sit back and let someone else do it for you or are you going to write your own? There are those out there who will gladly do this for you- pay attention.

The vibration, the energy and the thoughts you keep in your mind are the things that determine the path you and all of humanity take as the dust and mud settle and you sort all of this mess out. This messy time is required. And it is important. And each and every single one of you have a part to play in this grand time.

Get outside in Nature as often as possible. Put yourself in the sunlight and fresh air, even if you have to hang out of a window. Remove yourself from the electronics for big parts of your day. Stand your ground for your own selves and your own families. Make your own decisions, especially when it comes to your bodies. Open your eyes to what is happening around you with compassion and curiosity and a positive attitude. Be nice to one another -inside and outside of your families. Forgive each other. Even the ones who commit the most heinous offenses.

Remember you have to see the mess before it can be cleaned up. And we are talking about individual messes as well as collective ones. It may be easier for humanity as a whole to begin to see the mess in little “drips and drabs”and so sometimes that seems agonizingly slow for those of you who have been awake for some time. And finally, even though you have, shall we say, energetic help, remember no one is going to swoop in from outer space and outer time to clean it up for you!

It is up to you. Each one of you!

-Thanks Dolores and Happy Early Birthday!

BQH explained by Candace Craw-Goldman

Candace has been the assistant and student of Dolores Cannon the last 10 years of her life. At some point she decided to create the BQH modality, which is the hypnosis method i'm using, to sort of "update" Dolores' QHHT while fully respecting it. So as BQH practitioners we are allowed to offer on-line sessions, we can modify the induction and include some other tools we master if we feel so during the course of a session. The main moto is to follow our heart and intuition and to take a very good care of our client of course. In this way BQH is an "alive" modality, each practitioner is unique, you must find one that fits your needs :)


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